My name is Artem Barinov.

I am a graphic designer. I create brands.

I work with positive, socially responsible businesses, and I help them reach their marketing and communications goals with solid strategy and great design.

If you want to know how design can transform your business, I have written a detailed article on the subject here.

A little bit about me:

I’ve lived in Moscow, Paris and Los Angeles. I’ve worked in photography, art, marketing, and graphic design. It has been overwhelming, but very rewarding.

My striving for simplicity in daily life has led me to become a casual minimalist. My striving for order made me appreciate elegant, functional systems. And my love for art has made me understand the emotional component of daily life in a more profound way.

These three pillars – simplicityfunctionality, and emotion – guide me through life and inform my design work.

I enjoy dark techno, obscure design books, and I do street photography.

Tell me your story.