Visual identity is at the heart of every great business.


What is visual identity?

Visual identity (also known as brand identity) is the strategic expression of your brand’s ethos via visual means. It is a marketing and communications tool that enables a business to immediately establish a rapport with its existing and potential customers. A great visual identity is one of the most important assets of any business.


Do you need a visual identity?

You already have one! What your customers see and experience when they interact with your business is your brand identity. That’s why it is extremely important that you send out the right message. If your logo is set in sparse multicolored brushstrokes while you are selling cutting edge hi-tech related to the automotive industry, then I have some bad news for you! You may be confusing your customers by conveying a wrong brand image and this can hurt your sales. The good news is – I can help you get your visual identity right so that it reinforces your business strategy and helps your business thrive.


What are the elements?

  • Logos (symbol, wordmark, mascot, or combination...)
  • Typography (font pairings, customized glyphs, bespoke fonts)
  • Colors (palettes of primary and secondary colors)
  • Icons
  • Packaging
  • etc.

Why is visual identity important?

  • It distinguishes you from your competitors
  • It attracts attention of customers
  • It claims your space in the marketplace
  • It conveys that your business is trustworthy
  • It aids brand recognition and brand loyalty
  • It shows that your business is relevant
  • It tells your brand story
  • It allows your brand to become a cultural symbol
  • It manages customer expectations about quality, price, and whether your business is a good fit for them
  • And more…


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