logo design


Wake™ is a food supplement formulated by dietologists to give hard workers, party goers, and festival lovers a convenient and healthy way to boost their energy levels at any moment. The creators of Wake™ wanted a visual identity that would help their product stand out in a crowded marketplace and make it easy to spot in the hectic, low-light context of nightlife venues. It was also important to make the product appeal to discerning health-conscious consumers who may be skeptical of food supplements.



The logotype was conceived with highest possible energy in mind. Its color is on the tipping point between blue and purple – the two colors that reside on the highest end of the visible-light energy spectrum. The space between the W and the A creates an electrical “zap” and conveys a sudden increase in energy that illustrates the stimulating effects of Wake™. The letters are slanted to make the logo dynamic and forward-moving.