A pattern made from Wake brand identity logos designed by Sensologica


An energy supplement for healthier all-nighters

Wake is a food supplement formulated by dietitians to give hard workers and festival goers a convenient and healthy way to boost their energy levels at any moment. The creators of Wake needed a visual identity that would help their product stand out in the hectic, low-light context of nightlife venues.

The logotype was conceived with highest possible energy in mind. Its color is on the tipping point between blue and purple, which makes it fall in the highest frequency range of the visible-light spectrum. In combination with the dark background, the logo appears to have an ultraviolet glow. The space between the W and the A creates an electrical “zap,” and the letters are slanted to make the logo forward-moving.

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The primary lockup of the Wake logo designed by SensologicaThe secondary lockup of the Wake logo designed by Sensologica